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In an effort to comply with the University's Web Accessibility Policy, while minimizing design compromises, we developed a navigational structure that ensures access to all members of the University community.
Information has been arranged by category. Each category is contained in one of five pull down menus and consists of a list of related topics. Users have the ability to skip the pull down menus entirely or to access each category simply by using the tab key. A tab index allows users to quickly tab through the main categories. Users can then, select a category and move to the next level. There, users can access the specific category with its corresponding list of topics.
Additionally, users can determine where they are at all times by following the bread crumbs that appear near the top of each page. This provides users with our site's navigational hierarchy and can be used to return to the home page instantaneously.
Site Map
Our Site Map is consistent with our navigational structure. Information is sorted by category with corresponding topics. It can be accessed from any page on our site. The Site Map link is located at the top of every page, just below the Skip Navigation link and the Accessibilty link.